Illini Film Festival Strategy Proposal

Title: Illini Film Festival

-I wanted to make it clear that the College of Media was holding a film festival.  I didn’t want the submissions to only be from the College of Media though so I made it the Illini film festival.  It also makes it sound official and hopefully get students interested in participating.

Email Address:

Twitter Account: @illinifilmfestival

-I am proposing this name because I wanted to keep everything for this film festival consistent.  It makes it easier for people to figure out what the Illini Film Festival is if I keep everything consistent.  It will also reinforce the film festival and keep it fresh in their minds if they keep seeing the name over and over again.

Hashtag 1: #movielover

-I chose this hashtag because it is a film festival so most participants will be movie lovers.  It’s a fun and easy way to get students interested in making their own videos especially when they see how many other movie lovers there are and are reminded how much they enjoy movies as well.  This can be used early on to grab students’ attention.

Hashtag 2: #CollegeOfMedia

-The film festival will be lead by the College of Media so I wanted to get their name out to the public.  It is important that the College of Media gets recognition for creating this film festival because it could get more undergrads interested in becoming a student within the College of Media (especially if they are freshman).  This can be used throughout the entire process or more towards the end when more people are involved in the festival.

Visual Design:

-The design needs to be consistent throughout all facets of the social media campaign.  There needs to be a logo that will represent the film festival so that students can associate it with the film festival.  It’s the same idea that brands all have logos that customers can associate the brand/product with.  The logo could be the chief symbol that the University of Illinois uses.  These features will make sure that the students know that all of these social media sites are associated with the same film festival.  The Color scheme should be blue and orange which would tie the film festival to the University of Illinois and gives students something familiar and recognizable.  The social media sites need to look up-to-date and “new” meaning it has a creative, yet intelligent feel to it.  The videos and images on all of the sites should be consistent in showing students filming or working together having a good time.  I think that the sites that can support video should also give an example video that previous students had made just so that students looking to make a video of their own have a broad idea of how the process works.


            –I would utilize different voices to reach the two main targets of this film festival.  I would have one voice for the professors and members of the community and another one for the students who would be participating/attending the event.  Considering that these are two very different segments of the market, I think it would be wise to use two different voices to reach them and convince them to participate in the event.  The voice for the students will be more upbeat and try to be more entertaining; it could provide clips of popular movies that students could relate to.  This would get students interested and engaged and provide ideas for films to make.  The voice for the professors and adults will be a lot simpler, straight to the point, and very informative.  It will provide details of what the Illini Film Festival will entail, what they can expect and look forward to, and reinforce that it will be a fun event.  This target market wants to be informed and have concrete details of what they can expect.  No matter which audience is contributing to the film festival’s social media sites, I feel it is important to respond to them and show that the volunteers are highly involved.  In terms of engaging in conversations that are not directly related to the film festival itself, I also think that it is important to take part in these conversations.  The volunteers could also start discussions on the blog or on Facebook to foster conversation; if people get way off topic and aren’t talking about anything even remotely related to movies then I think the volunteers should back out of the conversation and let the users finish talking.

Key Performance Indicator:

Step 1: In order to keep track of the amount of quality submissions from University of Illinois students, I would use email as the KPI.  I would make students email their completed video submissions to the film festival account using their university email account so that you can weed out submissions not from students.  On top of that, you would also be able to get rid of any inappropriate videos or videos that are too long, etc.

Step 2: For step 2, a good KPI to use would be the number of people who liked the Illini Film Festival’s Facebook page.  This shows whether or not a large number of people were interested enough to look at the Facebook page as well as to “like” it.  At the same time, it will be important to use Twitter as a KPI; I would check to see how many followers the film festival’s twitter account had/how many times people re-tweeted the film festival’s tweets.

Step 3: This KPI will be based on the number of films uploaded to YouTube.  This will tell the film festival committee how successful they were in getting students involved, more specifically, by participating by making a video.  Another way to further measure the success of participation among students will be by checking the comments sections for the videos that are posted to YouTube; this will be able to show how much traffic was generated to the film festival’s YouTube page.


Illini Film Festival Call for Submissions

Ever dreamed of becoming a big name actor or a famous movie director?  Well here’s your chance to start making that dream come true!  The Department of Media and Cinema Studies presents the first annual Illini Film Festival! This one night event in the Foellinger Auditorium will allow you and fellow students to show off your talent for producing movies as well as your acting skills.  It’s a free screening for all students, faculty and members of the community so even if you’re not making a movie, come on over to Foellinger, support your fellow students and enjoy the show!

Undergraduate students who are interested in submitting a video to the film festival should submit their finished videos (in the form of a URL address) to the Illini Film Festival email address:  This is a great opportunity to let your creative juices flow and show off your great cinema skills.  So again, all finished videos must be emailed to in order to become properly involved with the Illini Film Festival.  Happy movie making!

Search Engine Optimization

The Google logo: represents the leading search engine

Search engine optimization can be very useful to help improve your search results in terms of how relevant they are to you, how legitimate they are, how to find more results that you can utilize, etc.  so it is important to understand how to fully take advantage of search engines.

Online searches using search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! do not have to be held to a single word.  Actually, queries with multiple words are typically more effective especially with the use of search operators.  Search operators are words such as “and”, or “or” that define a relationship between the other words in the query.  For example, by using the “and” operator, then the search engine that you are using will return results that contains both the first word and the second word but not results only containing one of the words.  If you wanted results to contain only one of the words then you would use the “or” operator.

Another great search engine optimizing features that search engines such as Google has is the ability to reduce your search results to contain a certain type of file.  By using the operator “filetype:…” you are given the ability to reduce the results to only excel files, word documents, PDF files, etc.  This can come in handy when you are working on different projects such as ones with math versus ones with images.  On top of that, the “link:URL” operator allows the user to figure out which pages link to a certain webpage you are looking at.  This is useful for conducting research because you can find other relevant sites to use based on the one that you already have found.

Lastly, one other way to utilize search engine optimization is by using Google Scholar.  Google Scholar allows anyone from researchers to the general public to search a database of scholarly journals for free.  The results for Google Scholar will include books, journals, articles, etc. which have been published and are highly regarded.  This can be important if you are researching topics or writing a paper and need to have legitimate sources rather than blogs or random websites that may not be the best sources to use.

Below are two links that I believe will be helpful assets while trying to learn about SEO:

Search Engine Optimization by Harold Davis

Search Engine Optimization by Hillary Webb

Client Side vs. Server Side Scripting

Hello current/future RUN DMC clients! I wanted to discuss the differences between client-side and server-side scripting because I believe that it is important to be able to distinguish between the two.

Client-side scripting enables specific web pages to be embedded with script written directly in HTML code; in other words, this ability allows web pages to have different content depending on a users input, the environment (i.e. time of day), etc.  Client-side scripts rely on the user’s computer.  These scripts generally have greater access to the information and functions available on the user’s browser.  This means that client-side scripting is useful for making web pages a bit more interesting and user friendly.  Some examples include being able to customize page layout, automatically update page content, and retrieve data from a server in the “background”.  At the same time, if the user has a slow computer then the scripts probably will run slowly, or if the browser doesn’t understand the scripting language then the scripts may not run at all.  Just so you are aware, JavaScript is the most popular client-side scripting language.

Server-side scripting is executed by the web server application, on the server machine which means that it allows for more programming power and security control.  For example, because it is run on a server, faster microprocessors allow higher level scripting languages to perform more complex functions.  Server-side scripting tends to be used for allowing users to have individual accounts and extracting data from databases.  Some examples of who would use server-side scripting include social networking sites and E-commerce sites.  One downside to server-side scripting is that the server website computer needs to provide most of the computing resources before sending a page to the client computer for display on the browser.

Many websites choose to utilize both client-side and server-side scripting at the same time because they both offer up different benefits.  The client-side scripting makes the page interactive by displaying the data in different ways depending on different factors which I covered above.  The server-side scripting handles the log in, personal information and personal preferences that the user has available to him/her.  Client-side and server-side scripting both offer unique benefits that can also be used together in a cohesive manner.

Web Hosting

This blog post covers the basics of establishing a web site.  Web sites are hosted on servers; it’s possible to use a personal computer as a server but it won’t be able to withstand much web traffic before it crashes and on top of that, using a personal computer as a server can leave it very susceptible to viruses from hackers.  Typically, most people, businesses and organizations will purchase servers to host their sites.  Before you purchase a host for your site, it’s important to know about the different options available.

The first available option I will discuss will be the use of shared web hosting otherwise known as web hosting.  Shared web hosting means that many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet.  Each site is separate from the other sites, but the server’s resources are shared among every customer account.  This is more ideal for bloggers, website designers, e-commerce stores, and small businesses that don’t need to use an excessive amount of resources from the server.

Blog platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr can kind of act as a shared host server for your site and other users’ sites while you all share their resources.  In this case, the user still has a unique domain name but he/she still uses the blog platform’s server to store their content

Another way to establish a web site is to use a Dedicated server.  A Dedicated server allows the consumer to utilize an entire server without sharing with anyone else; this means that businesses are granted full control over the server and can edit things such as the operating system or the hardware used.  Dedicated servers are beneficial for organizations that have highly complex databases and programs as well as have a heavily visited site.  Other benefits from a Dedicated server include high performance so that the site doesn’t crash, better security to protect against viruses, and email consistency among employees.

Using a virtual private server (VPS) for hosting can also be a great fit for larger businesses or users who frequently have heavy web traffic, are running complex programs or are looking to expand their site quickly.  VPS hosting, in a way, is a mix of shared web hosting and Dedicated hosting because it allows customers and businesses the ability to not have to compete for resources and at a lesser cost than a physical dedicated server.

-Please contact me if you have any more questions regarding web site hosting and I will be happy to discuss your specific situation and available options.

Artificial Intellegence

I thought that they were all interesting to mess around with. I found it funny that the programs had to ask me what it was I was referring to a lot of the time just showing still how far off the programs really are. In my opinion, the jabberwacky website program was the worst. I couldn’t hold a conversation with it because it kept asking me questions or giving me pointless responses. During my conversation with Eliza, I felt like she just mainly kept repeating my question or comment then asking if I was positive. It was fairly hard to get an actual conversation going because she would ask me one, maybe two questions then we would run out of things to say and have to start a new topic. I felt like the Turing test program was the best by far because it added a few human touches that separated it from the other programs. It was also much better at responding to my questions or statements a way a human would which allowed for a little more dialogue between us. It still had its flaws though. For example, it answered a more than a couple of my statements with, “oh I get it. Very interesting”. I had an entertaining time exploring each chatbot and exposing the weaknesses of each one. I did find it interesting that there are so many of them; I feel like if they combined the software for the programs then it would make each of them that much better.
I think that no matter how well a computer answers a question or how well it can hold a conversation with a person it won’t ever have the full ability to think. I do believe that within the next 10 years a program will be a lot closer to passing a 5 minute Turing test because people will be able to program computers to answer in the correct ways, like a human being would, depending on each question. The problem is that the computers won’t be able to reason and think logically while weighing pros and cons of a particular problem. After reading the Blockhead argument though it seems pretty farfetched because, “the number of sentences required for a 30 minute conversation is said to be greater than the number of particles in the universe…” (Blockhead). I also agree with Block when he says, “that this does not show that there is only one correct internal structure for generating intelligence, but simply that some internal structures do not generate intelligence.” Furthermore, I completely agree with the results of the Chinese room test and couldn’t put it better myself: The experiment is the centerpiece of Searle’s Chinese Room Argument which holds that a program cannot give a computer a “mind” or “understanding”, regardless of how intelligently it may make it behave. He concludes that “programs are neither constitutive of nor sufficient for minds. I can have any formal program you like, but I still understand nothing.”

INFO 102 Blog 2: Citizen Science Video Games

The two articles described different video games which have led to new scientific revelations.  I found it very interesting that “citizen science” utilizing a video game was used to discover the molecular structure of an enzyme in the HIV virus.  The game Foldit was created to allow the average person, with no serious scientific background knowledge, to attempt to discover the structure of complex proteins.  There are different levels of the game with different point totals, and people can try to become part of the leader board.  The game allowed manipulation of complex proteins with several different commands.  The other link, which I couldn’t really open, was to a different game site: games with a purpose.  These games didn’t have a problem in the beginning that needed to be solved necessarily, but instead, they allow humans to add their “personal touch” to the computer by helping it understand more about human emotion and reasoning.  It combines the computer’s abilities and human’s ability to solve problems that the computer can’t always interpret.

Both of the games are fairly different in the purpose of the game, but they each have their own unique benefits that will help society. With enough people in the world playing these types of games, more and more solutions to problems will be found because they are harnessing everyone’s creative, imaginative minds.  These games help to reduce the amount of limitations a computer has.  It begs the question of how many other games like these can help mankind discover new cures and other scientific breakthroughs.  I am not sure that anything like these games has been done before with this large of a scientific meaning especially because I don’t think that this technology has been around for very long, relatively speaking, and no one has really thought to utilize it until now.  Here is another link regarding the game Foldit which explains the game really well with more interviews with game users.


The World of Blogging

I ended up choosing to use WordPress over Blogger or LiveJournal.  LiveJournal seemed too bland in my opinion; it was almost too professional meaning that it didn’t give me as many options to customize my page and the home page didn’t present enough enticing visuals.  Blogger wasn’t my favorite either because it was too complicated.  I didn’t feel like it flowed very well or simplified the blogging experience enough.  I chose WordPress because it offers a plethora of options that are presented in easy to follow steps.  I liked that you have the option of choosing a background for your blog and that it was easy to post an image or video.  The tool bar in the upper left corner of the page has everything you need to create a successful blog.  I also found it interesting that the home page has a “freshly pressed” section which headlines the newest, most popular blog topics that people would be interested in.

Blogging has become a major part of today’s society.  People are now able to express themselves visually on the internet which allows others to give feedback and interact.  It has seriously changed the nature of journalism by allowing more and more people to get their opinions out in the world instead of having to write a novel or a magazine article.  It is now become extremely easy to express your feelings and the best part is that you can write about anything your heart desires.  Basically no matter what you post someone else will have their opinion on that topic and that creates interesting conversations.  As I was exploring the WordPress website, I discovered a blog all about the show Seinfeld (  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article.  In my opinion, most blogs are very visually stimulating and they are short and sweet getting straight to the point.  The posts don’t have to have an underlying theme they just need a simple topic.  It is very easy to blog and that may be another reason why so many people have started doing it.  Blogging is another way to get news too.  Because people blog constantly, there will always be some blogs that are up to date on the most important news events; the only bad thing is that many of the articles will be biased towards the publisher’s point of view.  It is also a downfall, in a way, that people can post all about their feeling and opinions because then you are exposing personal information and personal emotions to strangers who may take advantage.  But this same dilemma occurs with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites too.  Another possible negative side effect from blogging is that it could bring a rise to slang and less organized writing.  Overall, I believe that blogging is an interesting way to express your feelings and ideas about numerous topics to the world that couldn’t necessarily be done otherwise.

I found these articles regarding blogging to be quite interesting: